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Embark on a seamless journey of new product development with Alliance Software. Our meticulous process begins with an insightful overview call, delving into your project’s objectives, timelines, and special requirements while safeguarding your intellectual property. From there, we provide a comprehensive ballpark estimate, ensuring transparency in costs before significant time investment.

Through collaborative discovery sessions and market validation, we refine your concept and enhance your odds of success. Witness your vision come to life with agile development and thorough testing, supported by our dedicated team of experts. With a focus on a successful launch and ongoing support options tailored to your needs, Alliance Software ensures a smooth and rewarding product development experience.

Our Process

For New Product Development

Step 1

Overview Call

A high level discussion about your project, key outcomes, time frames and special requirements. Plus we’ll protect your IP with a signed NDA.

We will engage in a comprehensive conversation regarding your project, emphasizing its objectives, anticipated results, timelines, and any unique specifications. Additionally, we will ensure the confidentiality of your intellectual property through a signed NDA.

Like to chat now? Call us on +1 (604) 330-8191.

Step 2

Ballpark Estimate

In the following few days we’ll produce a high level estimate for your project. We’ll then walk you through the components so you understand what’s involved.

Within the next few days, we will generate a preliminary estimate for your project. Subsequently, we will guide you through the various components to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the scope involved.

Step 3


In person or via Zoom join us for a fast paced 3hr workshop where we’ll work with you to understand your requirements, including the needs of each user, any technical constraints and importantly, the key success factors for the project.

Join us either in person or via Zoom for an engaging 3-hour workshop, where we’ll collaborate closely to grasp your project requirements. This includes understanding the needs of every user, technical limitations, and crucially, the key factors for project success.

Step 4

Market Validation

Increase your chances of success by quickly and cheaply testing the market response to your product.

Whether it’s a demo website, a pitch deck or an “MVP” product, we’re here to help.

Enhance the likelihood of success by promptly and affordably gauging the market’s response to your product. Whether it’s through a demo website, a pitch deck, or an “MVP” product, our support is readily available.

Step 5

Development & Testing

It’s important to make a great first impression. You’ll be actively supported through the launch process and we’re here in to quickly address any teething problems.


Step 6

Launch & Hypercare

It’s important to make a great first impression. You’ll be actively supported through the launch process and we’re here in to quickly address any teething problems.

Creating a stellar first impression is paramount. Rest assured, we’ll provide active support throughout the launch phase and promptly resolve any initial challenges that may arise.

Step 7

Ongoing Support

You can pick from a range of options including casual pay as you go arrangements through to formal support packages with well defined service level agreements (SLAs).

You have the flexibility to choose from various options, spanning casual pay-as-you-go arrangements to structured support packages with clearly defined service level agreements (SLAs).