Data Scrapping and BI

Data Scrapping and BI

A well structured as well as reliable data, per its suitability, is required to conduct the business analytic. Data scraping as a part of gaining business intelligence uses data crawling, a technology to have access to using the model as Data As A Service (DaaS). We use the fetched data into the analysis of the data quality.

Thus the data fetched affects precisely the decision quality of the business owners. Such the data scrapped helps in creating the custom model which in turn, serve clients with the reasonable data, for prime elements in business based decisions on customer experience, financial strategy, inventory management, and more.

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How are we best?


We import data from cloud trending applications, database, files, feeds, and in-house applications.


Our report formation and dashboard organization use varying business intelligence at best.


We share and collaborate reports with colleagues to help reach a consensus in quick succession.


Our combining data from varying sources helps in having you an insight into your business.


We use formula engine to create a formula to offer mathematical as well as statistical functions.


Our business intelligence based reporting tool helps your embed product, app, and website with.

Why choose us

Customizable Data

Share with us your need for the data feed and we will do it sorted by company, state, job, and more.

Data Integration

We deliver data in JSON, XML, TSV, or CSV format for easy database integration.

Publishing Options

We publish directly to Amazon S3, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, FTP, or email.

Free Up Resources

We free up resources so you can aim for basic things than investing in resources.

Lower Data Aquisition

We cut the cost of data acquisition by shifting to cloud services thus help you save.

Faster Time to Market

We do it with fresh deliveries per day that we make to happen faster to market thus giving quick results.

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